Hi, I’m Stephanie. I advise women and men of faith on redefining their perception about life to accomplish meaningful goals without sacrificing their unique freedom and purpose. Unlike other strategists, my natural problem solving abilities, intuition and resourcefulness along with the Word of God helps you breakthrough negative generational patterns and bring about positive results in your life.

I’ve seen and felt the power of God working in my life and overcame many challenges including death itself. So, it’s my personal mission and honor to serve God by helping others live their best life possible. I’ve always been the advisor whenever things aren’t going well for those around me.

Stephanie M. Feggins

I’ve witnessed the frustration of women who knew their excellence and their purpose. But, lacked the tools and confidence to show up for their families, careers and businesses. I aim to create the space for women to honor themselves, using God’s word, connect and to rise above any challenge confidently.

Growing up as the middle child of three girls, I had a passion for writing. After several scholarships, college and writing for national magazines, I published my debut novel, A Girl Mistreated in April of 2008. During my writing career I’ve interviewed highly esteemed women from globally know entrepreneurs, to television actresses and record label heiresses.

After 16 years of writing in various industries and in several forms, an unexpected life event changed my course. After overcoming a domestic violence experience and raising my daughter as a single mom, I believe that helping others is a pillar of a fulfilling life. With losing both my father and little sister in their 30s, I decided to use tragedy and grief as propellants for change.

“I’m passionate about helping with your life vision. I desire to assist you in putting your best self forward. My aim is to offer you high quality support that motivates and inspires you.”

If you need help with achieving meaningful goals, contact me today.