About Our Founder & Leader

I’m Stephanie Feggins and I assist entrepreneurs and small businesses by writing marketing materials to help sell its products or services. I create content as well as provide administrative support that enhances brand impression, strengthen client relationships and allow executives more freedom to do what they love. Through a unique fusion of sales, marketing and consumer care training, I have the innovative techniques to help you present your product or service as a front runner in the industry.

My writing has gained me two academic scholarship awards, which then paved the way for me to attend Winston-Salem State University. While completing my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, I served as a staff reporter for the university’s campus newspaper, The News Argus. I have also worked as a speechwriter and as a freelance journalist.

Stephanie Feggins

In 2008, I was selected to work for national publications Right On! and Blackbeat magazines as an Editorial Assistant covering popular trends and styles of the new millennium. I currently train and guide executives through tailored marketing tools and strategies.

In recent collaborations with small to medium organizations, I’ve personally seen the frustration of entrepreneurs who knew the excellence behind their business. But, they lacked the tools and resources to show up for their clients and grow their organizations in a major way. With over 10 years’ experience as a writer, 16 years of sales training consumer care knowledge from top global companies like Ralph Lauren and Hanesbrands, Inc. I understand the importance of marketing communications.

I thrive on the art of expression while prompting action with words. I’m passionate about helping with your life vision and creating it for you. I desire to assist you in putting your best self (and business) forward. My aim is to offer you and your organization high quality service that motivates and inspires your community.

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