Get the support and motivation you need for your success!

If you’re tired of playing small, accepting mediocrity, want to have fulfilling relationships-and You’re ready to show up in the world in a major way- The Developing Relationships For The Divine Woman program is for you!

Through this 12-week experience, you’ll discover who your are at the core to serve others with your own unique gifts and improve relationships making them more loving and fulfilling.

In the five-phase program, you will have the support, motivation, guidance and encouragement you need for success. The program consists of practical exercises that can be used after the program as a refresher. You’ll also receive active problem solving skills, learn how to set goals and be provided with tools to move forward.

Sneak Peek

Phase One – Spiritual Perspective & Doing It God’s Way

Phase Two – Grief Relief: Overcoming Death of Relationships

Phase Three – Communication Intensive: Using Words For Desired Outcomes

Phase Four – Loving You Totally! Recognizing Your Worth

Phase Five – Becoming Better- Recognizing Positions, Playing Life’s Game & Winning


Get sound advice, comfort and clarity to move forward in relationships.

Gain awareness on why your relationships never last or are in unhealthy cycles of dysfunction. 

Develop new perspectives on decade and century-old issues that impact daily decision-making with the people around you.

Navigate through conflicts and manage confrontation immediately when it happens. 

If you’re ready to transform your life, sign up to work with Stephanie and make the rest of 2019 truly phenomenal! Registration opening for the Developing Relationships For The Divine Woman program will open soon for the start date in August.