Are you the best with grammar, spelling and keying without errors? If not, your book manuscript will have typos. And you’d never spot all of them with your own two

As an aspiring author, have you ever wanted to know if it’d be worth it as career? Have you’ve ever been interested in what perks you’d have or if there’s

You’ve written and published your book. The worst thing you could do is think it will market itself. You might think you’re popular, but you’ll need an entire system (that

Imagine listening to the song “It’s All About The Benjamins” by P. Diddy and the Family. The 1997 hip-hop hit dominated radio airways for weeks. It had everyone wanting to

When you think about it, your life is a thrill ride. With breakups, bankruptcies, evictions, deaths, new babies, and tumultuous childhood traumas, you’re still alive. It seems it doesn’t matter

People are dying, resources are strained, and it’s clear that life will change. At the time of this post, The Center for Disease Control states that there are 277, 205

Is the church falling behind on the times? There's a simple tool to strengthen online engagement in the sanctuary.

With the weight of the world on our shoulders, it can feel hard to keep up with life. Between work and home responsibilities challenges can obstruct our vision and take

We all want to do more and be better. Accomplishing goals is how we live out our purpose. Even though we manage tasks well, there are moments where we’re barely