the mission 

Imagine a world where a professional anticipates your next move. The talented designer and writers on our staff spend every waking hour perfecting the fluid exchange between virtual platforms and the humans who use them. It takes common sense, intuition and individuality to make things work.

At Aryrose Communications we assist in enhancing the client-company relationship. Our team is lead by Senior Digital Content Specialist Stephanie Feggins. She has trained and learned for 15 years in both branded apparel and hospitality. She understands the importance of interpersonal skills and connecting with your market. A graduate of Winston-Salem State University in Mass Communications, she enjoys the art of expression while promoting action with words. She’s passionate about supporting the life visions of others.

Feggins was selected to work for national publications Right On! and Blackbeat magazines as an editorial assistant covering popular trends and styles of the new millennium. She has composed music reviews for international superstars like Fantasia Barrino, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson. She has also created business communications for non-profits and interesting blog posts for women’t lifestyle publications.

stephanie author photo
Stephanie Feggins         Senior Content Specialist & Event Planning Consultant

Stephanie is passionate about creating for businesses who want to put their best brand image forward. Here you’ll find excellent tools and tips to motivate and inspire you. Are you’re needing answers to burning business questions? Contact us for a free talk one-on-one. We have your vision in our best interest unlike larger marketing firms who’re focused on their bottom line. 

Our next-generation knowledge keeps your website and social media up and running fast, no matter where in the world your customers live.

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