Editing and Proofreading Explained

Editing and Proofreading Explained

Are you the best with grammar, spelling and keying without errors? If not, your book manuscript will have typos. And you’d never spot all of them with your own two eyes (or four eyes for some). Luckily, there are various proofreading and editing resources available for success in your revision process. Here you’ll find the proofreading and editing process decoded so you’re fully prepared for your publisher.

For a high quality manuscript you’ll need editing and proofreading; they are not the same. Editing is dissecting each sentence, insuring its constructed properly and its objective is clear. It puts a microscope on the entire paragraph, so it makes sense as a collective thought. In contrast, proofreading verifies proper punctuation, grammatical and spelling mistakes. You can pinpoint these yourself by reading your sentences aloud or having a friend read them to you. For a more detailed review of your manuscript, you may hire a professional editor or proofreader.

Professional proofreaders and editors are available to polish your written work. There are services who can do both eliminating manuscript distribution across different platforms. Ask for a portfolio or browse their online samples reviewing their previous work. Also, go through their education and customer satisfaction rate. If you’d rather not work with a professional, there are several software programs you can explore.

If you’re tech savvy and enjoy reading your manuscript, then a proofreading and editing software program may be a useful tool. Each unique, these programs take the frustration out of the do-it-yourself method. Grammarly, ProWriting Aid and Hemmingway are just some proofreading and editing options. Many offer free trials with additional features in an upgraded plan. In mobile and desktop formats, you can conveniently review your work anywhere. Unlike hiring a service, it never leaves your own personal device for an outside vendor. But, you’ll want to keep your budget in mind for the final manuscript phase.

The costs associated with editing and proofreading can increase based on the platform and the professional service. Have a set cost for the process. With a simple Google search, you’ll find revision possibilities in your neighborhood and online. Proofreading, editing software and service professionals range from $35 to $500. Choose the best software program or professional proofreader and editor you can find within your means. Try Fiverr or Upwork who use freelancers for creative projects. Through a filter, you can easily select someone within your price range. If you prefer to invest locally, you may try Thumbtack or Angie’s List. Bottom line, you’re paying for a service. Ensure that your editing and proofreading is complete and your requests are being met for the sake of your published book (and reputation).

Complete proofreading and editing when you’re confident in the way your manuscript feels. Set aside time to review it first, for yourself. Remember, it’s your story and you want to share it in the best possible format. If you hire a specialist, describe your overall reader experience and your vision as the writer. It’ll help maintain the foundation of your work and still allow them to revise appropriately.

Your creative writing shouldn’t be reduced to text message standards. Proofreading and editing is a part of your grand display. Whether you’d prefer a person or a program you can’t go wrong; because there’s already a chance that you’re wrong somewhere in your manuscript. Allow your reader to have an easy, enjoyable experience so they won’t end up using your book as a coaster.

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