What Everyone Ought to Know About The Authors Guild

What Everyone Ought to Know About The Authors Guild

As an aspiring author, have you ever wanted to know if it’d be worth it as career? Have you’ve ever been interested in what perks you’d have or if there’s any support after you publish? The Authors Guild is a legendary one-stop writer’s hub. It helps writers with everything from legal securities to current marketing trends. Here are some interesting facts about the The Authors Guild.

Though the entire world changed amid the Covid-19 pandemic, several organizations made adjustments to the new normal. The Author’s Guild is no different. With a Covid-19 Resource for Authors, the group remains active, continuing to assist authors amid the pandemic. Donating to independent authors who need support and offering digital resources to encourage ingenuity at a time of uncertainty are benefits offered.

The Authors Guild promote the rights of writers and provides a space for writer’s networking. The writer’s life can be a lonely profession. But, as a member of The Authors Guild you have access to a sphere of vital tools to succeed as a creative professional. From their online forum, local chapter meetings to an annual black-tie gala, you will develop with a stronger sense of community.

Besides inclusive membership features the more comprehensive partner, The Authors Guild Foundation, advocates for literacy and education. Freedom of speech, combating book piracy, funding for public libraries and giving access to books in low-income neighbors are objectives. The zealous action to collaborate with Congress in protecting the author’s copyrights from digital piracy is a highlight of several Authors Guild Foundation projects. A current feat includes an open letter to end the “National Emergency Library.” The Guild deems it as piracy, allowing in-copyright books to be illegally available for download without permission.

Fundamental moralities of The Authors Guild has guided its existence since 1912 and has now shaped the overall author experience. First launching under the Author’s League of America, the entity aimed to develop contracts and royalty reports, expose tax iniquities and protect authors’ rights beneath the First Amendment. Today, The Authors Guild office is located in New York and still reigns as the top organization for writer activism.

If you’d like to join the Authors Guild or for more information, visit www.authorsguild.org.

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