What You Can Do Creatively About COVID-19 Right Now

What You Can Do Creatively About COVID-19 Right Now

People are dying, resources are strained, and it’s clear that life will change. At the time of this post, The Center for Disease Control states that there are 277, 205 cases of Covid-19. As creatives it’s important that we take the time to find ourselves. We are joining in a global fight against Covid-19 by taking practical precautions. In this trial, we are sitting in what we’ve all created up until now. It’s the best time to rediscover and thrust the artistic version of yourself forward. Here are some ways to empower others amid this crisis and revive your inventive excellence.

Compose Prayers of Healing

Prayers are a direct connection to God. No matter their religious (or non-religious) views, everyone could use a little divine inspiration. I find it hard to believe that anyone would refuse prayer. Put all of your prayers on a simple sheet for quick reference while people are home-bound. Make prayers easy to read or build intense prayers for loyal prayer warriors to use in their time of distress. With good intentions, nurturing heart and scripture as a reference try aligning a few sentences that all work together for the greater good.

Craft an Expert eBook

There has to be an idea, or intriguing information you want the people to know. You’ve been sitting on it for years and guess what, you have the time to make it happen. Since the onset of Covid-19, there have been layoffs from jobs, schools have suspended sessions, and the non-essential workforce are under a stay-at home order. Now, ask yourself what you’re skilled in, then write about it. Gardening, cooking, cosmetology, marine biology, criminal justice, whatever you’re gifted in share your knowledge. With an eBook, you’re in charge of how much and how little information you’d like to deliver. It displays you as a master in your field. If you’re not a writer, no worries. Or, if you don’t know how to gather and organize your ideas, that’s acceptable too. Hire a writing mentor to help develop your outline. Use voice recognition software converting your words into digital document format. It’s easy to become an eBook author and yes, it is for you.

Speech Writing for Sanity

We have our opinions about Covid-19 and how we’d do things differently (or not). Own your truth and share it! A speech is a brilliant way to express yourself. Create a brief speech about how you’d improve for your family, your health and the planet. Talk about what matters most to you. Mention how you’d make changes. Save your speech, read it to your family, record it or even share it to your personal social media profile. It’s a great way to snapshot yourself in this moment and hold yourself accountable.

Develop Lesson Plans to Expand Interests

If you’re gifted in teaching and educated in a certain subject, create a lesson plan to increase the knowledge of others. Unlike an eBook, a lesson plan and continues to build until each level of information is regurgitated. Each lesson plan would add new information, and it can be as comprehensive as you wish. Be sure to structure your design in steps so that your student and yourself knows what comes next. Combine each lesson into an entire program that an 8th grader could understand, if you’re assisting adults in any area. Teach math, reading, Spanish. If you’re unsure, dig deep and choose a hobby that you once had that you enjoyed. It’s great to re-visit these passions and then teach someone else how to do what you do.

Get Real With Who You Are Now

We realize that our decisions have given life as we knew it. We’re now thinking of our children, spouses, and career endeavors daily. We’re testing our security in employment, businesses, financial and health habits. Truthfully, I’ve been eluding my assignment the past 20 years just to satisfy the demands of society. Although, I felt temporary satisfaction; I have to be honest with every undertaking I’ve made. Most exhibited the potential to help others, but eventually fizzled out due to lack of substance.

The good news is our communities, churches, homes and the Earth are restructuring. There is a new normal. As natural creatives, it’s our mandate to give others life through our own abilities, spreading love in the rawest way we know how. Even though we can’t save the entire world from a pandemic, we can be the beacon of light illuminating the way for generations to come.

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