12 Top Tweets Of 2019 About Event Marketing To Use For The New Year

Event marketing is changing rapidly and keeping up with the trend is essential for success. If you’re seeking strategies to get ahead of the competition for 2020 do your research and look to the pros for the best advice.

From conferences to corporate meetings, I’ve selected the top tweets on #eventmarketing. Of course there are hundreds more, but here’s a short list to get you thinking. Oh, you’re welcome!

Pauline Kwasniak is a business development, digital marketing professional and event manager.
Caroline Wabara handles WordPress web design, content marketing and social media. She helps business owners in Nigeria and worldwide.
SF Photography focuses on creating scroll stopping images for commercial companies.
Event Dex services event organizers, attendees and exhibitors via mobile devices.
Aja Bradley is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer for events. She’s an entrepreneur and handling public relations and marketing.
Thought Leadership Initiative works with business development building profiles and creating innovative techniques for your market.
As a creative agency, Vela Strategic Marketing thrives on enhancing branding image through web content as well as printed tools for companies.
Michael Brenner is an an author and keynote speaker on marketing programs that turn prospects into clients.
 Snöball helps event influencers amplify their marketing efforts stirring up up the buzz for planners and attendees alike.
Event Farm converts guests into customers using technology as a vehicle for success.
Based in the UK, Event Management cultivates audiences through production and considers event operation a key component.
A high quality software more large events encompassing calendars and other features for event professionals.

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