3 Brilliant Techniques To Increase Attendance At Your Nightlife Event

Everyone can use a little fun, especially on the weekend. I recently went out with a friend. After visiting a total of three nightlife venues, we had to decide. Strangely, we made our final choice based on the number cars in the parking lot and crowd visibility.

When you think people aren’t paying attention, it ends up reflecting on your bottom line. Consistently, having a few guests will make or break your success. Here are 3 tips to use to increase turnout at your nightlife event from Thursday to Saturday.

1. Use the internet to get emails and build mailing list

A mailing list is simply a group of emails gathered from your target market. The email addresses are captured through your website, social media accounts or at the front counter. An email list can be used to send out event reminders, updates and promotions. It can be separated between members only or potential attendees looking for a great place to go out. Keeping your list fresh and sending out valuable content is key. It keeps your target market engaged and your nightclub as a top pick for entertainment. If you don’t have a website, consider having a landing page link in your social media to get emails from visitors and followers. Email service providers, like MailChimp has an option to integrate forms entirely for emails.

2. Dominate social media with details of your event

Drum up the anticipation closer to the date with images of your location on Facebook or Instagram. Naturally, people like to see what they’re in for. Give sneak peeks or previews to create excitement. Use comments as posts from past party-goers who gave rave reviews of your affair. Take advantage of audio and video, ensuring it’s clear for viewers to appreciate. It’s good to post at least four times about your shindig leading up to the big night. Research the right hashtags and hashtag your hometown to amplify reach over each platform. Remember to use or create your own event venue or company hashtag to generate the buzz. Also, prompt followers to like, tag, and share before, during and after the event.

3. List features and benefits of attending

Get your potential attendees hyped up, by any means necessary. Share music selections, DJ and performer details. Ensure that your online advertisement or flyer is eye-catching and alluring. You’d want to list amenities like food, seating, and VIP areas. Avoid guests having to guess about your venue location by showing the address and landmarks nearby. Much of the night’s revenue will come from the bar. Be sure to tell about any drink specials. Also, don’t forget about admission fees in advance. You don’t want any turn-around at the door due to an unexpected cover charge.

Do everything in your power to encourage attendees to talk, tweet and post about your nightspot. Make it priority to exceed their expectations with small incentives, like in-house only perks or surprise guests. Creating an amazing experience for your event lies in the details. It’s your obligation to keep your attendance high and revenue higher. In using these few tweaks here and there, your nightclub will be the talk of the town.

What other methods have worked for a great turn-out? Comment below.

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