5 Motivation Killers in Business Management

You’ve been a business owner for a while now, but could never fully grasp the logistics. To your defense there could be certain aspects going unnoticed. As a business owner, daily operations can get complicated. You may be in a situation where clients are disappearing or you’re having a hard time gathering prospects. If you don’t shape up you could slowly lose them to your competitor for good. Take time to discover and eliminate culprits that could be hurting your business.

1. Distractions
Distractions can be people, television, social media or other jobs. We lead busy lives. Responsibilities are thrown at us daily and it’s hard to cook a meal let alone work on our business goals. That’s if you’ve had any time to set any business goals. There are different versions of ourselves that allow us to fulfill several roles. We have a choice and maybe it’s time for you to choose wisely. If any of the distractions mention has you reserved, it must be scaled back. If it has kept your attention for quite a while, consider eliminating the distraction completely. Time is important and should be spent on marketing, project management and networking.

2. UnOrganized
Do you have a client database system? Do you know how many prospects converted to sales? Does your inventory need replenishing? If you answered “uh” or “I’m not sure” to those questions, then your motivation has been hijacked. If you can’t see the forest for the trees, it’s time grab your ax. Pick one area of your business that needs the most TLC. If you do not understand where to start try a business consultant, find a book or research a few “how-to” articles online. Once you tackle one part of your business, you’ll become excited about your results. Then you’ll be able to move on to the next. Don’t forget to high-five yourself.

3. Lack of Purpose or Mission
There are several businesses who developed the brand of their dreams. This is great but it can pose a problem if the vision doesn’t have a demographic or intentional outcome. It’s important to be specific as possible. It mentally clarifies your business and creates an easy space for potential customers to flow in to. Being precise about what you want, how and who you do it for is an energy booster for downtime moments. Remember your why and move forward.

4. No Market Clarity
Along with purpose, knowing your customer is key. If you don’t know who your client is, how could you be of service? Be proactive in your research for your customer. You need to consider demographics, hobbies and interests and religious beliefs. Go deeper exploring marital status, job title, family orientation, and hobbies. Find out as much as possible so you can create your conversation and align your business for success. Knowledge is power and a huge motivator when it comes to selling products or services.

5. Lack of Faith
Faith is the essence of life and should be implemented in your business. Faith motivates you to keep going with an idea on the basis that anything could happen. Circumstances can work out in your favor and having a positive outlook can create positive results. If you have no faith in your business re-visit steps 1-4. It’s vital to take your time with this. When you take action, you’ll begin to feel better. Find the courage to start somewhere within your business and watch things fall into place.

Perhaps you can identify with these struggles as an entrepreneur. You have the ability to change the direction of your business. Seek support if you need it and become your own vision of success. Does any of these resonate with you? Comment below with your thoughts and how you’ll move forward.

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