5 Incredibly Useful Tools For Entrepreneurs

According to a survey conducted by Bank of America, small business owners report that managing their business is over 4 times more stressful than raising children. Grasping the turning wheel of entrepreneurship can seem daunting without organization. If you’re struggling to take control, don’t fret. We’ve gathered the tools to support your business functionality, why they’re important and when it’s time to use them.  

1. Planner & Scheduler
There are many facets to your business and this life-hacker keeps track over your never ending to-do list.  It’s critical to have instruction daily on projects to complete based on priority. These tools can take your activities one step further through time management. You’re can set dates for events or plan a meeting down to the minute. It’s personalized assistance that can maintain business and personal matters. If you often forget client appointments or due dates for monthly expenses, you’re headed down the path of failure. Find a scheduling app that you enjoy visually and that’s easy to use. Wunderlist is an excellent resource to manage both home and work duties. Take time to figure out what’s important to you. Set a deadline for each task and watch your productivity skyrocket.

2. Budget
A budget allows a full perspective of the resources coming in and flowing out of your business. With this itemized approach, it’s easy to eliminate the cause of deficits and transfer funds when necessary. If you’re business is ready for surplus, basic economics will play a huge role in building wealth. The last thing you need is money woes regarding your operations. Through advanced technology, you no longer need a degree from Harvard to make improvements. Try using Intuit a finance and accounting software that integrates the payroll, tax preparation and credit checks. Choose a one-stop shop that allows you the liberty to allocate funding for supplies and your workforce. There’s a confidence in knowing that every transaction is within your calculated comfort zone.

3. Client Database
When business is booming, it’s imperative to manage the clientele, keep up with demographics and update consumer profiles. In the evolve of society, consumers’ needs are changing. If your client’s name, their birthdays, or how long you have serviced them is unknown, it’s time to secure a tool that will help you provide better consumer care. Customers are human beings with feelings. They deserve to feel appreciated and there are ways to manage their data. Have them submit a simple contact form, either online or paper. The information you request periodically can be in-depth for a comprehensive thread of their progress. Having a framework for tracking customers, services and products provided can enhance their satisfaction rate. It results in a higher referral rate and the opportunity to develop spin-offs, up-sells and increase your bottom line.

4. Memorization
Having a voice recorder or note app provides safe-keeping of innovative and effective strategies. As a thought leader, your next amazing business idea could fall from the heavens. Being able to record your inspiration is pivotal in maintaining solutions during the fiscal year. It enables you to revisit a former reasoning that may not have made sense at first. However, it serves as a guide for any considerations that may now be valid. Recalling your mission statement to a prospect client or buyer will come to you after consistent rehearsal. If you’re not the digital type, pen and paper will still do the trick. Knowing your purpose and getting in tune with your inner self requires meditation. Everything in your business and your environment reflects your thoughts. Most mobile devices come with a standard voice recorder, go figure, and has already set you up for success.  

5. Social Media
Posts and Tweets are front-runners in our world of technology. Without them, your business is sure to end up in last place. People are less likely to visit your website before checking your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The busyness of life gives minutes for potential clients to hit or quit your profile. Don’t make internet marketing difficult and avoid it all together. Create a web of intriguing stories, exclusive offers while capturing analytics of your tribe. Hire a social media manager or create a profile yourself. The benefits of social media range from increased brand awareness and more inbound traffic to improved consumer insights. If your company isn’t listed on those popular platforms, sadly it looses credibility. Be sure to choose the social media channel that best suits your target market. Display yourself and mission as a master in its industry by being proactive in the global online conversation.

If any of these resonate with how you’ve been handling business, make the decision now to become more systematic and efficient. All you need is literally at your fingertips to facilitate an orderly experience for your clients, which equates to more freedom for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Now you know, this is too good to keep to yourself. Share by clicking the buttons! If you’re too busy to evaluate your business for growth, let us do it for you! Contact us to schedule a free session and get started today.

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