4 Ways To Reinvent Your Interpersonal Communication


The three main types of communication are verbal, non verbal and visual.  It’s important to leverage all three for healthy relationships. Are you often in conflict with others? Is it difficult to get your point across? Communication is a game of give and take. Regardless of where you are, here are some small steps to help shift your focus and be heard.

  1. Pay attention to the who, what, when, where and why of the conversation. Use the facts to reply building trust and creating connections.
  2. Stop! Wait a minute. Monitor your emotions and adjust your feelings accordingly. The other person may be upset, frustrated or angry. Being aware of your own feelings can diffuse the situation from getting better or even make it worse.
  3. Choose your words wisely. You’d be surprised at how words can make or break any conversation. Whether it’s getting your kids to behave or explaining your thoughts to co-workers, softer words have more impact than harsher ones. If you’d like someone to do a project for you, simply make a request. Try to refrain from using demands. Phrases like “Would you mind?” or “May I suggest?” is a pressure-free approach to getting things accomplished as a team. If we feel like we have the option to choose we’re more likely to oblige and participate.
  4. Be receptive. Ask questions and be willing to receive a response. It’s important to understand others’ perspective. The exchange of information must go smoothly in order to carry out tasks efficiently. Everyday, we interact with others to subconsciously and consciously meet our needs. Allow space for self-expression of those in your sphere of life.

Following these simple tricks are sure help the relationships in your life. We all just want to be listened too, accepted and respected. In what ways can you communicate better?

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