Saving the Modern Masses: Why Your Church Really Needs a Blog

Saving the Modern Masses: Why Your Church Really Needs a Blog

For many generations, church is the place for spiritual guidance during life’s tests. Over the past twenty years, it has transformed people both inside and outside the sanctuary. In a streaming society of smartphones and tablets, not adapting to new technology can hurt more than heal. Having an online presence is mandatory for any institution, but it can be a daunting task without counsel. If you’re struggling to connect with your community after Sunday’s lesson, a blog is a great option to keep the conversation going. Here’s why including a blog to your website increases member attendance and engagement.

Come One Come All

Statistics show that 85% of US churches are plateauing or declining. It may be caused by a lack of digital media tools like social media. Online platforms present a new image for church involvement in the lives of followers. From the elders to school-aged children, the congregation now uses electronic mobile devices during services and at-home study. An online journal offers the convenience of divine topics to develop those pastor-member relationships. Form a distinct network with your church staff and congregation through depictions of real life experiences.

The Sermon Companion Tool

A church blog mixes inner motivation and education that promotes fellowship. Through video, text, and audio media your blog uniquely helps readers with daily challenges from their smart phone or tablet. Content management systems format blogs in chronological order making it perfect to archive weekly teachings. As a bonus, features like calendars or surveys keep members notified and you informed of current trends. Members can also download documents for easy note taking keeping up with the flow of sermons. With a blog you can include news about church mission, staff and community events.

Heart-Centered Enlightenment

While bridging the gap, inspirational messages nurture participation from the pulpit to the vestibule. Captivate members by displaying behind-the-scenes photos or make a call to action during a seasonal giving campaign. Offer a transparent look at operations showing how staff roles support the functionality of the sanctuary. To enhance your blog, create profile stories on ministers revealing their path to leadership. Unfold fascinating tales of triumph, exciting life circumstances and recognize member achievements. The primary focus is to encourage with your organization and it’s sections at the forefront of saving souls.

Whether you oversee a mega church or smaller home gatherings, meeting your followers right where they are is important. By using modern technology, your church can influence audiences in your hometown and across the globe. With a digital record, your church will have a lasting effect for years to come, giving a behind-the-scenes view promoting teachings and inspiring change. It’s time for a fresh direction in religion marketing. Choose a modern method to reach the masses and continue sharing the good news! If you’re ready to launch your blog or need substance for your site, contact us.

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