Business Basics: 7 Key Ingredients for a Winning Website

According to a research study by Stanford University, 75% of users admit to making judgement about a company’s credibility based on website design. There’s nothing worse than having a raw passion for your with a reduced online presence. If your website traffic has simmered, here’s a recipe to increase conversions and keep visitors hungry for more.


Websites are visual tools and imagery is essential in captivating your market. Figure a way to highlight your online. The source and placement of photographs is important. Photos should apply to your industry. They should be properly sized and high quality. Stock photography sites such as Pixabay or Shutterfly offer images in several categories and dimensions. To add a personal touch, use pictures of yourself and staff during a normal business day. Imagery stimulates curiosity through a glimpse of how your brand and customer can relate. Aim to give a unique pictorial experience that compliments written content. A simple suggestion of images to your web developer helps to create the overall flow of your website. Interestingly enough, images inspire clients to inquire more about products and services.

About Us Page

The base of a well-done website is a strong About Us page. Refer to your mission and elaborate on your company’s vision and goals. A business promise or guarantee helps build trust. Draw visitors in with a compelling story allowing them to identify with your brand. Revisit the history of your company. Use a friendly and inviting tone with a hint of solution oriented content. Your About Us page serves as your brand’s foundation and is written in an active voice. If you’re not sure how, use the Five Ws formula to build on. The who, what, when, where and why format is a great place to start. If content writing is not your forte, hire a copywriter to create the storyline you need. Use an interesting biography, timeline, or include statistics relating to your industry. Show your uniqueness by sharing business partner logos or customer profiles. Display character and engage in your own individual way.

Social Media Integrations

Social media is the garnish of today’s marketing strategies. Social media are portals with access to millions of potential consumers. Have a mix of applications that allow both liking and sharing. It provides real time interaction with the rest of the world. It also gives users an opportunity to display you as an industry expert. At a minimum, have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts as a part of your social networking services. It’s relatively simple to link accounts to your website, depending on the platform. Most web hosting themes offer social media button options. For instance, if you’re using WordPress, simply select a compatible plugin. Choose the best button placement for each website page for maximum impact. Remember to keep your social media accounts sizzling with consistent activity. Relevant posts and audience engagement, at least three to four times a week, help gain exposure sending traffic flow your way.



Customers don’t want to search for your information, it takes up too much time. Make it easy for them to reach you. Place your contact information at the top of each web page. A visible telephone number and email address prompts initial communication. Be sure to have location information on your contact us page even if you’re a virtual business. Present several ways for customers to reach you. Having an omni-channel format shows that customer service is a high priority and that you are able to meet them wherever they are. Telephone calls still handle around 68% of contact center communications. However, instant messengers, chats, emails, and text messaging have gained more usage related to customer inquiries. If these methods are implemented correctly, overall consumer care ratings will improve. Service levels are key factors in business success. It can directly impact referrals and repeat sales. Research a third party vendor who provide systems for customer synergy online and by phone. In our technical world, varied corresponding techniques foster a superior consumer care experience. It’s important to have their confidence in knowing that your business is reputable and reliable.

Subscription Form

If you’re looking to provide prominent news or special promotions to your market, having an email marketing campaign will spice things up a bit. By having a subscription form, you able to capture names and email addresses of website visitors. Knowing who needs your help eliminates guesswork with creation of new products and services. Subscription forms are embedded in your website and can be customized to fit your business theme. With tips, tools, and clickables, your followers can discover new ways to effectively achieve their goals. Subscription forms create a swirl of increased interaction and emerges visitors in your business mix. Use the information to offer exclusive membership programs, corporate event invitations or discounts. If you don’t have a form for your website, try an email marketing vendor that’s ready to grow your client list. A subscription form leads your business in many directions. It’s your opportunity to distribute useful information at your consumer’s request.

Free Content

If your website is a cut above the rest, then you’ll have freebies. Have a resource page with free guides, worksheets or diagrams. Flavorful content can be displayed through a blog posts, audio, or videos. Showcase your expert knowledge by providing tools that clients can repeatedly refer to. The goal is to build trust. You may also offer free consultations as taste tests for business suitability. Connect a scheduling application to your webpage for prospects to meet with a representative and ask questions. It gives users a sense of control and a no-obligation incentive to learn about how you can help. Have a minimum of five freebies. They’re a great appetizer to attracting potential clients. After all, they say the best things in life are free. Upload files into your website for customers to download on their electronic devices. All products should be digitally created and edited before released. If creating products is not your forte, get a company who can carefully craft your project. The goal is to deliver products that solve problems. It must provide a clear formula to take clients from point A to point B.

Flowing Layout

A survey conducted by Active Media showed that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive. There’s nothing worse than a customer leaving your website due to lack of visibility. You want to have an equal ratio of components that provide a captivating and informative experience. Choose a theme that is easy on the eyes and can be easily formatted. It should encourage visitors to simmer in your business mission. Research available web hosting features from your provider. Brainstorm on how you want your users to feel. If your website needs freshening up, sift through other themes that are a good fit for your business. Use your instincts to determine what works now. You or your web developer should be able to modify it without any issues. Eliminate clutter and be sure transitions are smooth. Improve your website impression ensuring the theme matches your business industry. Business marketing is now high tech. Avoid choosing a layout that isn’t functional. Your web design gives visitors an invitation to explore, allow them the opportunity to do so.


Your website is a digital fingerprint connecting you to customers on a global scale. A winning website determines your credibility as a master in your niche. If you’re not web savvy, choose a digital marketing service who can meet your needs. Take a moment to assess the zest of your website. If it’s bland, add these tasteful ingredients to serve your guests with an amazing online encounter.

How’s your website? What improvements can you make? Comment Below.

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  1. Excellent insight provided. Stephanie Your 7 ingredients are real recipe for any successful website, aiming to be visible.

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