How to Get Feedback from Clients and Why It’s Important


Imagine fewer appointments on your calendar. Your sales are decreasing and you don’t know why. Then suddenly, you realized that your focus has been more on making money and less on what your customer needs. Here are ways to get valuable feedback, find direction and regain business.


Surveys are king in getting consumer feedback. Get data on customer service, quality, product, and service satisfaction. It is crucial to gain contact information for  your management system. There are several sources that make surveying much easier. Forms are accessible through online portals such as Google Forms or 123Form Builder. It is easy and simple to use. All you do is enter your questions, choose your options, send a link and you’re done. It’s a great tool to contact clients and analyze data through response generated spreadsheets. Make use of survey question samples online or past surveys that you have taken.


As a business owner you interact with consumers daily. In between greeting and closing deals, ask your buyer for their viewpoint. Inquire on their experience and how they perceive your product or service. Note customer tone and how expressive they are. If they’re sharing details on their family vacation or something personal, it means they’re comfortable. So, ask them why they do business with you.


There is power in the stars. If you want to know how customers see your business look at your reviews. Google reviews and other business listings, such as Yelp and Yellow Pages allow consumers to rate your business. You may offer a special incentive through an email or newsletter in exchange for a review.


If you want gold nuggets leading you to the rainbow of success, they check your comments. They offer clarity on what products or services to offer. Comments expose the mind of your consumer with no effort on your part. Encouraged by social media sites and blog platforms, they consist of questions and suggestions. As a double-edged sword, your comment section can make or break a decision to buy for potential clients. Use them to your advantage in promoting business growth.

Consistent feedback is vital for steering your business. It provides fuel to create a better experience for clients. Gage efficiency in your operations and learn new ways to make things easier. Assess customer needs and evaluate market trends that get you ahead of competitors. Feedback should be monitored daily. Be prepared to accept the good, bad and ugly. Remember not to take it personally, but to embrace it as a mechanism for business excellence.

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