Client Management

3 Essential Things for Exceptional Customer Care

Do you have a poor service rating? Are your reviews not so great? Here are ways to make impact your business with seamless customer interaction.

1. Having the right systems in place. It’s important that your clients can reach you and throughout multiple avenues. Telephone contact was the most common tool bridging companies with their consumers. Becoming popular are live chat, social media direct messaging, and email correspondence for  help. According to 2014 data obtained by eDigital Research these are the preferred contact methods for store bought goods. If your business needs to upgrade try new ways to have an omni-channel customer experience. It will greatly improve customer satisfaction. 

2. Have appreciation and value of your consumers. Be sure to offer ways to honor your customer.  When are appreciated it makes us feel good. It’s in our human nature to seek comfort. Evoking positive emotions triggers the cycle of repeat engagement. Offer special discounts and loyalty programs to show flexibility and adaptation to market buying trends. We like to feel including in exclusive deals and savings. An example would be during high volume events like Black Friday or Christmas.

3. Carry out knowledge of product clarity and function. If you have a team of 2 or more effective training is a high priority.  Performance of your employees reflects your involvement. It teaches them your process and helps them understand the mission through your lens. As a resource, give materials for them to refer to after training and during performance reviews. Your knowledge and expertise should be formatted with ease. With product descriptions and functions given to your customer it provides the opportunity for them to make an educated decision to purchase. If a buyer doesn’t understand, they will dismiss it and move on to your competitors.

To display your organization as a reputable company use these tips. Customers want security in their investment of time, capital and energy. Now more than ever, they want transparency and satisfaction with every purchase. Giving them the freedom to choose, keeping communication open and thanking them for choosing you will elevate your brand sooner than you think!

Which methods are you using? What are some you’d like to implement? Comment below.

Stephanie Feggins is a freelance writer who specializes in business, entertainment and lifestyle.

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