How to Throw a Rockin’ Client & Staff Holiday Party

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Grab the egg nog and ugly sweater, it’s prep time for your holiday party. You’ll want to pay attention to details in the areas of food, atmosphere and even party favors. Whether you have a large clientele or a few loyal supporters, throwing a themed gathering is a great way to connect and show appreciation.

Use the holiday or make a theme staff or clients can relate to. For food and beverage make sure everything works together to create the experience you desire. Purchase necessities such as plates, cups and even napkins in convenient designer sets. These can range from upscale to budget-friendly options. Choose easy-to-bite food options that compliment other menu items like cheese dips or deli meat slices. Don’t feel like cooking? Try a caterer with great reviews or contact your favorite restaurant for their prices and specifications. You want your guests somewhat in control of what they are selecting. Don’t forget variety with two beverages and flavorful desserts. Giving them control over their own food intake allows comfort and the ability to enjoy themselves for the entire event.


Having a great atmosphere that matches your overall event theme is a top priority. People associate with sight, taste, smell and sound. Music is the soundtrack to our lives. Memories both good and bad can relive through messages and melodies of songs. Be sure to create fun moments with holiday music in an array of versions. You can go classic with “Jingle Bells” by Jim Reeves or take a more pop approach with Christmas songs like “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. It’s from 1994, but a hit! Keep the tunes playing keeping the vibration high and encourage conversations. You may want to hire a DJ. For the frugal boss, make a playlist from your smart phone or choose an internet station like Pandora or iHeart radio. These options are perfect for adding variety and the best part is that they’re FREE. Also, add aromatherapy to your event.

Incorporate fragrances like pumpkin spice, fresh pine-tree or cinnamon scented ornaments. Decorate your space with your theme’s colors and patterns. Snowmen, gingerbread houses, Christmas trees and lights scream you’re in the spirit and will invite guests into your world. Be mindful of accessories and room furnishings as you pull your vision together. Too much or not enough throw guests off leaving a bad impression.

Allow guests to take a piece of the experience home with them through small and big party favors. Customize trinkets like pens or key chains with your company logo and a positive message. You can add “Happy Holidays” or print the theme and year of the event. Perhaps offer a day off of work with pay or a gift card to a popular chain store. Don’t be stingy, giving anywhere from $50 to $100 (or more) will surprise any guest and leave them eager to return next year. It will give them a sense of pride for all of their hard work and dedication. Give out at least one or maybe two. Mix up giveaways with customized baskets of practical things guests can use.


Having a festive celebration or mixer will crown you not only as a leader, but as a people-person, who’s compassionate and giving. Be intentional about the look and feel of your event. Don’t forget to place your company logo around the space and add it to party favors. The music and food should be main escorts for a good time! Have an email list for unexpected guests and sign in method for everyone. Everything collectively will help guests recall on your party as a great memory which is exactly what you want.

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