How To Deal With Unruly Clients Like A Boss


Imagine getting that nightmare contact known as a complaint. You never expected this because you do everything right for your clients. But this time it’s wrong and solely your fault. What would you do? Its helpful have a few tricks to handle uneasy customers that can prevent loosing clients and save your bottom line.

1. Listen

Before evening responding to the consumer be sure to listen. If the client is upset, talking over them only adds fuel to the fire. We want to help not hurt (our business that is). Start with getting the facts. It may be helpful to take noted with a word processing program as hand-writing may take longer to print comments. Divert attention by apologizing. You may want to do this first. As experts we know our niche and always deliver high-quality products or services. But, swallowing pride and saying sorry calms the client (most of the time). An apology shows humility and again validates clients as being heard.

2. Ask questions

Request information by using gentle phrases. Try using sentences such as would you mind if I ask a few questions? Or may I find out more information from you? Are good to use. Discover the problem by asking when the issue was noticed and the project or service it pertains to. After gathering all the facts, summarize in a brief sentence the client complaint. The overview allows you to pinpoint the real reason for contact. It eludes feeling messages associated with complaints of the issue.


3. Propose a solution

Hopefully you’ve thought of solutions to possible problems with your product or service. We never want to be caught off guard and unprepared. Likely solutions are substitutions or exchanges a product add-on and as a very last resort a reimbursement. Each solution is tailored to the client and situation. All clients are not created equal. Apologize once more and ask if the resolution is acceptable. This recreates the bridge that could have potentially burned.

4. Be thankful

There is nothing wrong with thanking them for their business. After all, they could have chosen another firm. If you’re feeling up to it, now’s the time to offer a bonus. Consider an percentage off a product or service or a free give away. Offering something of value to them increases customer retention and may lead to possible referrals.

Gratitude and solutions are key in managing irate consumers. They are human as we are and their needs are most important in business relationships. Remain calm and progress through the situation. It makes you the true professional after all.

Stephanie Feggins is a freelance writer who specializes in business, entertainment and lifestyle.

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